CAD chronology

before 1970

1994 1995


Autodesk sales reach $465 million.

Autodesk ships 3D Studio version 4, the last version for DOS platforms.
It comes with Inverse Kinematics module which allows to work with linked objects in a realistic mode.

AusCAD/Cam version 10.

Visual CADD from Numerica Software. One year later the product is bought by Corel Corporation.

Design CAD 3D for DOS. One year later the Windows version hits the market.

DrafixCAD version 3 from Foresight Resources Co.

Micrografx Designer ver. 4.1 for Windows.

CADD Council Established - NIBS Board of Directors voted to start the council

MicroStation version 5.

MiniCAD version 5.

Hewlett Packard ships version 3.5 of PE/Solid Designer, its high end Solid Modeling.
50,000 seats installed to date.

Archigraph ships PowerDraw version 6 for Mac platforms.

Site Designer version 1 from Land CADD Int., a landscape CAD program.

CINEMA 4D version 2.0 for Amiga in November.

In November Autodesk ships AutoCAD Release 13.
The Windows interface consists of standard Windows user-interface components, similar to those used in other Windows programs.

Auto Surf 2.0 from Autodesk is an add-on for AutoCAD 12 which adds almost 50 commands to AutoCAD for creating primitive surfaces.
It supports DOS, HP-UNIX and SUN platforms.
AutoSurf was originally a program called Solution 3000 developed by Micro Engineering Solution.
Autodesk bought the company and renamed the program as Auto Surf version 1.

Canvas 3.5 for Windows receives the Win100 Award from Windows Magazine.

By the end of this year AutoCAD alone topped one million mark worldwide.
The next two CAD systems (outside Autodesk) were Cadkey (with 180,000 copies sold) and MicroStation (with 155,000 copies).

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