CAD chronology

before 1970



Bentley's MicroStation Advanced solid modeling for mechanical design ships.
Installed base reaches 200,000

3M selects Unigraphics Solutions for major software, services and consulting engagement

CINEMA 4D version 3.0 for Amiga

Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems chooses Unigraphics' iMAN product for enterprise-wide PIM integration worldwide

Motor Coach Industries selects both Unigraphics and iMAN to fulfill the company's goal of producing full managed virtual prototypes of its tour buses, including a 10,000-part plus virtual coach

Unigraphics on Microsoft Windows NT debuted

Unigraphics Solutions named Most Promising Company of the Future at Autofact Asia '95

CATIA-CADAM AEC Plant Solutions are announced.
This next generation object-oriented plant modeling system enables powerful knowledge-based engineering capabilities that can dramatically streamline the process of plant design, construction and operation. It brings the power of "smart" applications to the desktop with next generation object-oriented modeling.

Autodesk develops the WHIP driver.

Autodesk acquires Automated Methods Ltd., a GIS developer.

First Autodesk Web site

By end of 1995, Autodesk has sold 3 million software copies worldwide from which 1.3 million are AutoCAD (200,000 AutoCAD Rel.13), and 300,000 AutoCAD LT.

EDS Corporation announced that has an installed base of 35,000 seats of Unigraphics worldwide, including General Motors, McDonnell-Douglas, US Navy, Fujitsu, Apple Computers and Cannon.

Autodesk ships the first version of 3D Studio for NT platform, called 3D Studio MAX.

AutoCAD View from Autodesk is a CAD tool for viewing and redlining drawings. It can access more than 150 file formats.

FIT, Inc., purchased ISICAD and their product CADVANCE.

CADKEY version 7.

DrafixCAD version 4 from Foresight Resources Co., followed by Drafix Quick CAD.

Design Post version 1 from Computervision, based on PELOROS object oriented architecture.

Canvas 5 is announced to a stunned public at MacWorld Expo in Boston and then at Comdex Las Vegas. Where Canvas 3.5 integrated painting and drawing, Canvas 5 integrated image editing, vector illustration, advanced typography and desktop publishing into one seamless cross-platform environment.

Felix CAD version 2 from Felix CAT (Germany).

IDEAS Master Series version 2.1 from SDRC. Mazda Motors Corp. will install 2,400 seats of this product.

Medusa, a mechanical engineering, high-end CAD program from Computervision.

Computervision ships MicroDraft version 6.1, a 2D CAD program for DOS and UNIX platforms.

MicroStation 95 from Bentley includes a Basic programming tool and ODBC support. First delivered for Windows 95 platform. A Windows NT version available two years later.

MicroStation Modeler version 1, based on ACIS Kernel engine.

An entry-level architectural CAD program from Foresight Resources: PLANIX HOME.

Parametric Technology ships Pro/E version 15, the first parametric modeling CAD/CAM program and the first high-end 3D solid modeling package available on NT platforms.

Parametric Technology releases a cut-down version of its high-end product called Pro/Junior which runs on Windows 95.

Dassault Systems ships ProCADAM, a shorter version of CATIA for use on NT systems.

AutoSurf version 2.1 for use with AutoCAD 13, integrates precise NURBS technology and Advanced Surfacing. Bundled with AutoSurf was the AutoCAD IGES Translator which ensured data translation across many different CAD systems.

AutoCAD Designer release 1.2 from Autodesk, is a parametric solid modeling tool integrated with AutoCAD 12 and 13. It can import AME models and export models created with Designer into 3D Studio. It can calculate mass propriety and momentum of inertia.
By the end of 1995 over 40,000 copies has been sold worldwide.

Autodesk ships the first version of Mechanical Desktop, a design system for the mechanical workgroup integrated into AutoCAD 13. Includes AutoCAD Designer 3, Assembly Modeler 1.0, Auto Surf 3.0, Auto Vision and Part Spec library. Runs under Windows 95 and NT platforms.

Autodesk becomes the fifth largest software company in the world.

PTC is ranked the no. 1 supplier in Mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE industry.

By the end of the year over 350,000 users of Generic CAD worldwide.

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