CAD chronology

before 1970

1996 1997


Spatial Technology goes public.

Bentley's MicroStation Architectural modeling & plant engineering products ship

Bentley launches Geoengineering initiative and products

After a longer than expected development cycle, Canvas 5 ships simultaneously for Windows and Macintosh platforms in late 1996. Polaroid Japan is named as an exclusive distributor of Canvas to the Japanese market.

EDS splits off from GM, becoming an independent, publicly owned company, with stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange

Unigraphics introduces advanced assembly capabilities featuring interference checking, state-of-the-art CAM and industrial design capabilities for Class A surface modeling

General Motors signs largest CAD/CAM contract in history selecting Unigraphics as its single vehicle development software platform.

Parasolid rapidly gains widespread penetration into market as defacto standard for high-end, mid-range and commercial CAD/CAM/CAE development

CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 are made available on Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard and Sun platforms.

In April Intergraph ships the first version of its 2D CAD program Imagineer Technical.

Bentley SELECT technology and service subscription program debuts

Solid Edge version 3 from Intergraph hits the market at the price of around USD 6000.

SolidWorks Co. ships Solid Works, an ambitious 3D package based on Parasolids modeling Kernel. It comes with a good complex surface modeling and a good graphical user interface.

3D/EYE Inc., ships Tri Spectives Technical version 2, a modeling, illustration and animation program for Windows platforms, at a very low price.

IMSI ships TurboCAD 2D/3D version 3 for DOS, Windows and Mac.
The 3D capabilities were available only for Mac platforms.

EDS Unigraphics version 11 with 4 new CAM modules.

EDS Corporation delivers Unigraphics/Creator, a cut-down version of Unigraphics for Windows NT platforms, full inter-useability with the full version.

Vasimetrix ships version 5 of its high-end CAD/CAM program. Varimetrix is based on the property Unified Parametric Geometry architecture. Used by companies such AT & T and British Aerospace.

Xitron Software Corp., ships XCAD version 3.1 for Windows platforms.

In August Autodesk ships Mechanical Desktop version 1.1

Lightscape version 3, a high-end rendering and animation package, comes with IES photo-metric data capabilities. IES (Illuminating Engineers Society) is the industry standard for describing the shape and intensity of light energy distribution froma light source, ray tracing, natural light according to location and orientation of the building.

In September CINEMA 4D v. 4 for Windows, Alpha NT and Mac was released with great success. Next month the first Multi-Processor version of program is made available.

Lightwave 3D version 5 and 5.5 from New Tek, a high-end rendering, modeling and animation program.

Visual Software ships the first version of Renderize Live, a rendering and animation program.

AutoCAD LT 95.

Diehl Graphsoft released MiniCAD 6 for Windows, the first cross-platform version of MiniCAD.

NIBS, AIA, CSI and Tri-Service CADD/GIS Technology Center sign a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the NCS

Camand version 11, a CAM product from SDRC.

In October is founded DATACAD LLC by purchasing the rights for development, distribution and marketing for DataCAD product line from Micro Control Systems, Inc. DataCAD is a professional A/E/C CADD program for architectural design, photorealistic renderings and animation. By 2000 the company reports over 250,000 installations worldwide, the second most widely used CAD software by architects.

ACIS 2.1 is realized in October.

Corel Visual CADD version 2 (a 2D program) and CorelCAD ( a 3D version) from Corel.

Drafix CAD from Ditek Software.

Felix CAD version 3 is compatible with AutoCAD.

Hewlett Packard delivers version 8 of HP-ME10, their 2D package for DOS, UNIX, and Windows platforms.

Qick Draw System (AU) ships Qick Draw version 6.

Autodesk ships AutoVision an rendering add-on program for AutoCAD 13.

Matra Datavision ships Moldmaker, a 3D modeling package for UNIX platforms.

Pro/E version 17 with a new module which allows files to be exported into VRML file format for display on the Internet.

In December Bentley ships version 4 of MicroStation Modeler.

To the end of this year over 250,000 copies of AutoCAD LT sold.

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