CAD chronology

before 1970



Spatial Technology acquires Sven Technologies

Unigraphics Solutions Acquires German high-tech Company, dCADE.

Dassault Systems establishes Dassault Systems AG in Germany in March, as its reference site for development and consulting of new generation styling solutions.

March - Dassault Systems introduces CATIA Version 5 for native Windows NT and UNIX. CATIA V5 is based on:
- Next generation technologies (Native Windows implementation, powerful interface, Plug & Play extensibility, consistency with standards such as OLE)
- Windows Web metaphor to ensure a natural, productive and fun to use environment,
- Scalability to address all user profiles
- Capture and reuse of the company know-how
- Smooth transition to protect V4 investment.

In April 1999, Dassault Systems signs definitive agreement to acquire a majority interest in Smart Solutions Ltd. Smart Solutions has become the leading provider for the "TeamPDM" market, developing Web based Windows™ centric Product Data Management (PDM) and Workflow solutions for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). These solutions complement ENOVIA Solutions, which address the needs of large enterprises and their supplier chain, the PDM II market space. Together, Smart Solutions Ltd. and ENOVIA Corp. will offer dedicated solutions for both market segments, thus meeting the needs of customers at all levels of product and process complexity.

- At the same time Dassault Systems creates Dassault Systems Provence for the development of advanced applications in the field of surface reconstruction, tooling design and 3-axis machining, as well as powerful surface algorithm components for CATIA Version 5

Dassault Systems acquired SAFEWORK. With this agreement, SAFEWORK becomes the Dassault Systems company in charge of providing an advanced human modeling infrastructure within the V5 architecture.
It will also become the leading Dassault Systems human modeling Competency Center for Dassault Systems' brands, CATIA, DENEB and ENOVIA. SAFEWORK can also provide turn-key solutions by complementing their software solution with consulting services for ergonomic processes in various industries.

Unigraphics Solutions signs five-year, $43 million contract with Boeing for CAD/CAM Software

Varimetrix ships VXVision version 1.74, a high-end CAD/CAM program based on VPG 2 modeling Kernel.

National CAD Standard (NCS) 1.0 released - First compendium and coordination of efforts

Lightwave 3D version 6 from New Tek.

Unigraphics ships Solid Edge version 6 with over 200 changes.

Think3 entry in the CAD market with thinkdesign, the first mechanical design software product to offer the power of parametric solids, advanced surfacing, wireframe and 2-D drafting on the desktop, all in one environment.

VectorWorks is released as a replace of MiniCAD.

Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. ships RenderWorks, a photorealistic rendering plug-in for VectorWorks.

The next generation of Sprite technology is unveiled in Canvas 7's SpriteEffects. For the first time, designers can apply any imaging filters - blurs, distortions, textures, plus third-party plug-ins - to any object, whether it's vector, bitmap, text, or even a group. Combined with SpriteLayer effects, SpriteEffects in Canvas yields unequaled power for graphic design. Like previous versions of Canvas, version 7 goes on to receive worldwide user and critical acclaim. Deneba makes it effortless to share graphics information online with the Deneba Internet Graphics Server (DIGS). By using a web browser, DIGS enables instant deployment of graphic files on the Internet. DenebaCAD 2 is released for Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Introduced at SIGGRAPH 99, solidThinking 3.5 (from GESTEL) brought unprecedented level to NURBS modeling with hundreds of new features and enhancements.
Archway Systems was founded by Mike and Tom Lazear

In June Pro/E 2000i

Parametric Technology acquired Computervision and their product CADDS 5.

Autodesk announces 1 million users of LT and 100,000 users of 3D Studio MAX.

3D Studio MAX cumulus 29% of the entire 3D-animation market and 38% of the 3D PC markets.

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