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Spatial ships ACIS v.6.0
CoCreate Software Inc., a subsidary of Hewlett Packard Company, announces release of Solid Designer 2000 with five new modules.
Nemetschek North America introduced in January the VectorWorks Industry Series with the launch of its first product, VectorWorks ARCHITECT. SPOTLIGHT and ARCHITECT will be joined shortly by VectorWorks LANDMARK, a landscape and site design package.
Eagle Point, the leading supplier of AEC applications software, announced the release of Eagle Point 2000
26 Ian - Parametric Technology Corp. announced that InPart Mechanical, the world's largest 3D CAD library, now exceeds 1 million parts.
On end of February, Autodesk will be selling AutoCAD 2000 over the Internet. On-line price is $3,195 for AutoCAD 2000--that's 10%- 15% above the estimated street price. Upgrades from Release 14 are $545, and upgrades from Release 13 are $745. Price includes 60 days of direct support from Autodesk. Sales available US and Canada only.
16 Feb - CoCreate Software Inc., a subsidary of Hewleet Packard announced ME10 2000 the latest version of its popular 2D CAD software, ME10
Design Futures announced the release of IDRAW 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT, a design, drafting and illustration for all 2D design and illustration requirements.
18 Feb. - Diehl Graphsoft announced that Nemetschek AG of Germany had acquired it
REALVIZ S.A., a leader in image processing technology, announced the availability of its ImageModelerŽ photo-modeling software application for easy and realistic 3D model creation. Designed specifically for computer graphics professionals and animators, ImageModeler is the first high-end ``Image-Based Modeler'' that produces 3-D models from photo, video or cinematic still images. Eliminate the complications of building complex models from scratch, and let ImageModeler do the hard work. By selecting points on as few as four still photographs of an object, the revolutionary software application builds models that are amazingly photo-real.
7 March - IntelliCAD 2000
March 15, 2000--SensAble Technologies today made the revolution in digital modeling with the release of FreeForm(TM) Version 2. The FreeForm system allows users to model on the computer using their sense of touch, blending the intuitiveness and expressiveness of physical modeling with the power and productivity of digital modeling.
LightWork Design announced on 14 March that there are more than 500,000 active users of its flagship LightWorks renderer.
SDRC, a global supplier of e-business collaboration solutions for the product lifecycle, announced on March I-DEAS 8, a major software release to enable e-design automation
Alibre, Inc. announced the availability of its feature-based mechanical CAD software, Alibre Design which allows users to employ the internet as a collaborative platform for product design and development.
Dassault Systemes and announced the readiness of CATIA Solutions Version 5 Release 3(b) (V5R3) for Microsoft Windows 2000 operating platform.
Graphisoft paid around $2 million to acquire Drawbase Software, a facilities management software and services provider.
CoCreate Software Inc., a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Co., announced on 12 April the release of OneSpace 5.0, a design-chain-integration solution that provides global teams a virtual conference room to interact in real time on mechanical designs.
Autodesk also launched Point A, a new portal serving designers and engineers, which can be found at The goal of the site is to provide designers, engineers, and architects with a centralized online community and resource.
PTC announced on 24 April two major updates to its PTC i-Series of flexible engineering solutions: Pro/MECHANICA 2000i˛ and Pro/DESKTOP 2000i˛.
SDRC announced SDRC Imageware Version 10 (V10), a major software release enabling customers to design, build, and fully inspect high-quality, free-form shaped products in less time. Imageware is advanced 3D surface modeling and verification technology solution that allows users to realize and maintain the design intent from concept through manufacturing.
Unigraphics Solutions Inc. announces in may that its industry-leading kernel solid modeling product, Parasolid, exceeded 500,000 active end-users
Graphisoft offers a set of Web-based tool to help encourage the AEC CAD community to adopt its GDL (Geometric Description Language) as a file format. The GDL Object Web plug-in, for ArchiCAD users, delivers GDL objects via the Internet.
TurboCAD Professonal 6.5
Matra Datavision reports in June that more than 5,000 downloads of the latest version of its Open CASCADE open source library of 3D modeling components.
MicroStation/J v7.1
6 June Bentley Systems, Incorporated, announced a new visualization technology that provides photorealistic lighting solutions for large models created by architects, interior designers and plant designers. "Particle tracing" is a new, easy-to-use technology which requires relatively little memory and provides stunningly realistic lighting effects.
Spatial Inc. announced Release 6.2 of the ACIS 3D Toolkit and Husks, featuring performance enhancements and added functionality.
Will be the latest release of ACIS under Spatial name because the product will be aquired by Dassault Systems in a surprising deal which took the CAD world by surprise.
Mechanical Desktop Release 5 incorporates AutoCADŽ 2000i software, with its more than 400 new or enhanced features and 24-percent gain in productivity over the previous release. The Power Pack adds 1.2 million predawn standard 2D and 3D parts, holes, features, and structural steel profiles, complete AutoCAD Mechanical 2000 functionality, and intelligent part placement and engineering calculations.
The Deneba Internet Graphics Server 2 (DIGS) is released and updated to take advantage of key new features and technologies available in Canvas 7.
On 14 July 2000 the new version of CATIA version 5 release 4, become available for Windows and Unix.
solidThinking 4 began shipping also on the Mac platform
The new version of Parasolid (Version 12.0) incorporates improved Direct Modeling technology, which provides the function to enable CAD users to perform feature level edits to a model that has not been defined using a history based feature approach.
To date, July 2000, TurboCAD has shipped more than one million units.
Inventor Release 3. Most of the enhancements center around assemblies, as evidenced by the addition of motion constraints as well as predefined section cuts.
PTC has just announced a new version of CADDS 5i, called Release 11. According to the company, this new release offers increased integration with PTC solutions, such as Pro/ENGINEER, by using what the company calls the Associative Topology Bus (ATB).
DataCAD 9, 2D and 3D architectural package, the new version offers support for AutoCAD 2000 DXF and DWG files, can export in WMF and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.
Unigraphics Solutions Inc. announced on 20th September Solid Edge Version 9, the latest release of the company's award-winning mechanical design software.
Caligari has released a new version of True Space, its 3D modeling and animation program.
ME10 2000+, the latest version of its CoCreate's 2-D CAD software, introduces new capabilities, such as a 2-D to 3-D accelerator kit, design management with Microsoft Windows-compatible user interface, a Windows user interface customization toolkit, and the ME10 macro suite, a free library of ME10 extensions.
Chief Architect 7.0 ($895) is a Windows-based architectural design program designed for builders, designers, and developers to create full working drawings and accurate 3D models.
Unigraphics Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UGS) announced in October Unigraphics Version 17, the latest release of its industry leading, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software. With this release, UGS becomes the industry's first major vendor to ship a world-class MCAD software product containing a deeply imbedded knowledge based engineering (KBE) language. KDA consists of capturing and recycling knowledge that exists in many forms at every stage of the product life cycle, then re-using that knowledge to dramatically enhance the design, engineering and manufacturing process.
Dassault Systemes announced that it plans to integrate Microsoft's Visual BASIC for Applications into its products, including SolidWorks, CATIA, SmarTeam, ENOVIA, and DELMIA..
IBM and Dassault Systemes launched Version 5 Release 5 of CATIA, to be available for Windows and UNIX on November 17, 2000.
Autodesk released Inventor Release 4, on first week of December. Inventor costs $4,995, and upgrade pricing will be available. Release 4 contains more than 150 new features and enhancements, with particular attention paid to support for enterprise-wide collaboration.
CADKEY 19, a new version of its flagship product line available for Windows 95/98/00 and NT 4.x. CADKEY 19 assembles new customer-driven features for hybrid modeling and blending, 2D drawing and detailing, data translation, display and graphics. The software also includes six new CDE (CADKEY Dynamic Extensions)
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop passed the 100,000 mark worldwide.
Unigraphics Solutions Inc. announced on 21 December the release and immediate availability of Parasolid Version 12.1, its industry-leading kernel solid modeling product.
UGS was the vendor with the most rapidly growing computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software revenue in 2000.
31,290 CATIA seats were licensed in 2000
SolidWorks licensed 22,053 seats for the full year.
Delcam has been the world's leading specialist supplier of NC machining software and services during 2000.
Second position is Hitachi Zosen followed by Cimatron.

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